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Rolling Dies For Licensed Products

The ultimate thread rolling fastener for both structural and general purpose applications ·

TAPTITE 2000® “SP”™
Thread Rolling Fastener for Aluminium Applications·

FASTITE® 2000™
Fasteners for Thin Sheet Metal·

MAGTITE® 2000™
Fasteners for Magnesium Alloy Materials·

Family of Thread Rolling Screws & Bolts for Metals·

Thread Forming Screws for Today’s Plastics·

Thread Forming Screws for Magnesium and Other Light Alloy Materials ·

Family of TRILOBULAR™ Screws for Plastics ·

Thread Locking Screws & Bolts for Metals·
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MATpoint® (M point)
General usage: For use in most applications. Do not use when prying heavy components into place during installation – use a ‘Dog point’ MAThread instead.

Metric Coarse Thread
Metric Fine Thread
Inch Coarse Thread
Inch Fine Thread
GM Holden Special

Dog point MAThread ®
Special usage: Use in any very difficult application or when prying components into place during installation.
Metric Coarse Thread
Inch Coarse Thread
Inch Fine Thread

“P” point MAThread ®
General usage: Use in difficult applications when point clearance is not an issue. Should also be used with thick stack-ups of multiple components.
Metric Coarse Thread
Metric Fine Thread
Inch Fine Thread

Very Short MAThread ®
Limited usage: Use only in applications where point clearance is a problem and angular mis-alignment is limited. Note that this part may very rarely jam if installed at over 8 deg. angular misalignment.
Metric Coarse Thread
Inch Coarse Thread

Custom Designed MAThread ®
Special usage: Design Criteria for parts used in special applications

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RLS Tooling has worked closely with Excalibur for over 15 years now, in manufacturing the tooling to produce Excalibur screwbolts, whether it be the twin or triple thread.

You may see below the applications where the Excalibur screwbolt are used and also projects where the bolts have been required. Also you can view bolts which have been rolled with RLS Tooling dies.

Named after the legendary sword of King Arthur, Excalibur Screwbolts is an owner-managed business based in Essex, England, serving the global engineering and construction industries in projects across tunnelling, railways, scaffolding, formwork etc.

Excalibur multi-application range of bolts can be secured to the hardest materials including concrete, brick, timber and plate steel replacing all traditional fasteners available.

Excalibur are proud to see their bolts being used in landmark engineering projects such as the London 2012 Olympics, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and the Gotthard Tunnel. Excalibur products also excel in a range of every day applications from railways to sports stadia.
Impressively, Excalibur twin helix thread innovation provides strength throughout the entire length of the bolt which means a single 20mm Excalibur bolt can support a weight of 13.5 tonnes.

Another example of a major new fixing innovation by Excalibur Screwbolts has been the triple thread bolt. This patented new design provides a secure fixing in the softest of substrates and end grain timber and is expected to find many new niche applications.

Excalibur’s distribution partnerships throughout Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Australia ensure Excalibur’s products are available to customers throughout the world. The company’s British heritage remains important to Excalibur and believe British designed products are amongst the best in the world.

Excalibur was awarded The Queen’s Award For Enterprise: Innovation in 2009 and they are constantly developing fixing solutions to meet new demand and challenges in the marketplace.

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