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Regrind Service

By using the RLS Tooling regrind service customers can start to significantly reduce their tooling costs compared with purchasing new dies. 

Another benefit is that old redundant tooling (used or new) can be used for regrinding because we always remove the old thread and therefore the die can be reground with a different thread form to suit current requirements. 

Flat Dies:

Before regrinding a flat die the thread is removed in increments of 1mm and the amount removed is marked on the die, for example 1mm, 2mm or 3mm. This allows a setter to easily maintain the position of a new die by simply placing the known size shim behind the dies, thus allowing the dies to be set-up as easily as if it were a new set. The customer can either use their own gauge plate for packing or RLS can supply sized shims if required.

Circular Thread Rolls:

Larger diameter machine rolls are particularly suited to regrinding because they are made from expensive HSS and this is saved when used for regrinding. RLS will regrind annular or helical thread rolls of our own manufacture or rolls supplied by our competitors. 

If you require any further information or advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.