Circular Thread Rolls

RLS produce circular rolls to suit most 2 roll machines up to Ø315 mm and can be supplied for both helical plunge and annular thru rolling. RLS also manufacture 3 roll sets for Fette, Wagner and Reed thread rolling attachments and heads.

Our rolls can be supplied with a full range of standard forms for "ISO", Unified, Whitworth, "BA" and also specials. Rolls can be supplied new or old rolls can be re-ground with any profile.We use M2 as our standard material but we can supply in M42 or powder met. Our rolls can be supplied with standard chamfered edges or radius run out if required.

Latest News

Review of Regg i300 Inspection Machine

Fastener & Fixing Magazine recently spent the day at DSL to see how the arrival of the i300 Regg Inspection machine has helped them increase their inspecting / sorting capacity.